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How our participants felt?

This has been the most amazing conference experience. Deepti and her entire team behind the event made me feel so welcome that it never felt my very first time here. Deepti - It is amazing how you are trying to being in all the Women Agile leaders together..Looking forward to all such interactions going forward. Kudos to you and keep up the momentum..
AgilityToday had a unique friendly, in fact Agile Vibe, that have not witnessed in any conference I attended. It Provides an opportunity to network with new and old experts in a welcoming atmosphere. For me, this conference generates a lot of ideas about how to continue improving my skills and professional qualifications. I liked the opportunity to listen from Industry Leaders around the world and get valuable insigths from them directly. The Unique Idea of 3D program which gives chance to new speakers as well to come forward and share experience and also get groomed by Gurus. In short for me AgilityToday is developing future Leaders and ChangeAgents.
Agility Today popularly known as unconference is more like a journey of enriched learning ! This year i got opportunity to participate as speaker and it was altogether mesmerizing experience. It brings global agile community together for 2 days and expose them to whole new universe of mindfulness, learning, talks, tools, hand on engineering labs, networking, open space. Highly recommended for all who believe in 'Agility'. See you there in 2021 !
What a fantastic learning loop. It has multiple folds of learning, networking and fun to be around people with varied skills and knowledge. I had a wonderful time experience the global insights on Agile and how various initiatives are happening across the world. Thanks Agile Virgin for the great event and each and every one at Agility Today for providing this awesome experience. To all speakers, Shepherds, servant leaders, W.A.T Officers, organizers and sponsors to collaborate seemlessly and creat this exciting platform for Agile community.
Attending this year's AgilityToday2020 unconference was a truly wonderful experience. The networking opportunities were excellent and the line-up of speakers was top notch. A great unconference in Delhi NCR, packed with so much knowledge from great speakers, offering a unique balance between industrial applications/tools. Thank you for putting together such a great line of speakers with great content. I really enjoyed being a Servant leader for the last 3 years and parallelly enjoyed all the sessions/games and met some really smart, vibrant people who are doing amazing work across the globe. Most of what I heard at the conference was instantly relevant to me in my job. Having Dr. Jill Greenbaum, Anand Murthy Raj, Mike Burrows, Ray Arell, Ellen Grove, Vikas Uppal as a speaker was absolutely brilliant. The new addition of Agile Engineering "Blockchain and Machine learning" was a great success. Kudos to the entire team for the outstanding job and carried throughout, this was indeed a great Unconference!! I truly enjoyed meeting positive, helpful, supportive and intelligent Agile mindset people in a great environment. I cannot wait until next year, hope to see many more people next year at "AgilityToday2021"
My experience as a servant leader at agilitytoday 2020 is one of a kind. I enjoyed two days of unconference being directly involved in facilitating the unconference. As a servant leader, I get an opportunity to learn self-management and self-organization. Just in my case, I travelled 50 km on weekend to facilitate unconference and helped my team to make it successful. And in return, I get accomplishments, friends and a beautiful memory.
AgilityToday doesn’t fail to surprise me, this team continues to bring enthusiasm and innovation in these agile conferences. I learnt and networked with not only agilists but those who are ensuring an Inclusive workplace. Another great one this year too! Thank you team!
I was thoroughly impressed with the passion, logistics and organizers of the conference. As a change Agent dealing with Indian teams, this conference gave me hope. It was gratifying to see young women in technology stepping forth and speaking about subjects they were passionate about. I met some wonderful folks who taught me a thing or two. There's one improvement I would definitely recommend and that is the quality of facilitation and speaking abilities of some of the more seasoned folks. Too loud, too interrupting, too much data on slides and speaking too fast.
A great unconference, well organised and timeboxed. I am happy that i attended the workshop. It’s a great platform to build new connects with agile leaders across various countries around the world. Happy to be associated with AgileVirgin and AgilityToday and would love to part of post unconference events that are going to take place. Thanks to the team behind the scene who made this event successful and a great learning platform.
AgilityToday allowed me to talk to different people face-to-face as well as establish a network. To hear, in talks, about how other groups are solving, most likely, the same problems we are trying to solve. It’s a good place to initiate collaboration and try to brainstorm ideas for new concepts. I am always amazed to see Deepti putting great efforts on every single thing and also to all the people behind the scene who had worked so hard to make it a grand success.
Agility Today Servant Leaders team is one of the highly-motivated and self-organizing teams i have worked with. It has been immense learning experience in being part of such a wonderful team. You get all the space to ideate and lead the event to make it successful which in turn helps in sharpening leadership, facilitation and curatorial skills. This platform gives exposure on how to nurture a global community ! This is not all as a servant leader you get special discounts on all Agility Today offerings ;)
First of all i would like to give thanks for AgileVirgin and Deepti Jain who give me opportunity to serve as a Servent Leader in AgilityToday2020 Delhi/NCR biggest unconference. I really enjoyed / Learn being a Servant leader for the last 3 years .It Provides an opportunity to network with lots of Professtional across the globe.Waiting for Agilitytoday 2021 to join.
It has very beautiful and great leaning experience in the world's first Unconference. Starting from pre-conference workshops, Agile coach camp, Cultural night, 2 days Unconference followed by Post- conference workshops was a great experience. Having Dr. Jill Greenbaum, Anand Murthy Raj, Mike Burrows, Ray Arell, Ellen Grove, Vikas Uppal as a speaker was like a cherry on cake. Consulting corner helped to resolved unanswered queries. As a Servant leader and first time speaker got in-depth learning experience and great exposure. As a first time speaker, I was provided with more help than I could have wished for. In nutshell, It was great Unlearning and learning, Networking and Knowledge Gaining experience
Its my privileged to be part of AgilityToday as a Servant Leader.I engaged with this community in 2019 with my first UnConference on Gamification that gave me the chance to realize that everyone at the workshop– no matter if they were speakers, organizers, volunteers or participants – was so open to conversations and sharing ideas and challenges.  That very moment i decided to join this group. Working for AgilityToday 2020 was really an awesome experience - the energy, enthusiasm with great great knowledge ,team put in to make it a success was commendable and learning experience. It not only provide a Premium, exclusive networking opportunity but also wide spectrum of learning techniques, including workshops, open spaces, lightening talks, WAT counselling and many more. Just by offering my time & experience, one get the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who can turn to for support when you face challenging situations in Agile or when you are looking for a new gig. Thanks Deepti & the complete team for being my inspiration.
My association with AgilityToday over the last couple of months as a Servant Leader and Speaker has been an amazing experience. It gave me ample opportunity to meet and learn from so many diverse people from across the globe including the board members of Agile Alliance. The company of fellow Servant Leaders have been enriching as all of us worked together to make this a success. The self organizing team is full of enthusiasm and energy as everyone is ready to help others and take up any task. I still remember getting up early on a very cold Sat morning for the Career Boot Camp. A part of me was pulling me behind as I could have easily stayed home and enjoyed the weekend. But I decided to travel 2 hours to the venue and met my fellow SLs for the first time. At the end of the day, it was a rewarding decision as I got to learn so much and met many motivated individuals. The Unconference weekend starting with the first ever Agile Coach Camp in NCR and then the Unconference was the epitome of learning and networking. Exceptional speakers, their thoughts and ideas, unwinding with music, agile games and multiple fruitful discussions over lunch and dinner with agile enablers were some of the many takeaways from the event. This couldn't have got any better. I have already started implementing many of these ideas as I look forward to more such sessions.
Agility Today was first of its kind of experience for me both as Servant Leader and Speaker. It was my first conference an agile and I simply loved it. As a speaker, Agility Today provided me with a great platform to interact with learned audience and speak and learn more. 'Liberating from the challenges of Enterprise Agility' was the topic and I am thrilled to work with participants in an engaging workshop, which provided them insights on barriers in their organizations. I also attended coach camp and it was very refreshing one, where in a short span of time was able to interact with many coaches, exchanged ideas globally. As a SL, it gives me pride to work with Agility Today, which allowed me to interact with many great participants and be of use in organizing and facilitating this unconference. I also heard to many speakers, gaining insights of the industry and trends. Thanks a lot @Deepti for organizing such a great unconference and providing me with such wonderful opportunities !!
AgilityToday 2020 was such a wonderful experience! From the Pre Unconference offerings to the care taken to ground us in the event, to the diversity of the speakers and totally engaged participants, the days were full of learning. I was delighted to be a part of it and to develop new relationships that will live on long after the event. Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D.
AgilityToday was such a wonderful experience. There was a real sense of community and the musical unwinding / sing-a-long was so heartwarming. The sessions were relevant with an excellent range of topics, as well as knowledgeable and engaging speakers. It was great to have so many practical sessions and an innovative schedule that made it such a great un-conference. Many thanks to the organizers - especially Deepti (the wonder woman) for all their hard work in making it such a successful event. I really loved being part of it! Looking forward to next year already.
Wonderful, Awesome, Energetic!! These are first few words come in my mind when I think about Agility Today 2020. I was honored to have the opportunity to be a speaker in the event. I was attending the event first time but felt like home from the moment I stepped into the Unconference world. The whole organizing team led by Deepti Jain is just awesome to pull through such a gigantic event. Some SLs I got the chance to meet personally- Ashish, Sidharth and Prachi are so welcoming. Agility Today Unconference is a “cool” event where you get to meet industry Leaders, thought Leaders, amazing speakers and enthusiastic participants. Two full days packed with learning, sharing, and most importantly “Fun”. It’s also a platform which encourages emerging leaders and provides them opportunities to shine. I enjoyed my time at AT2020 and hope to be part of it next year again. Thank You Agility Today!! - Kawal Arora
Agility Today 2020 was a great experience! #NetworkingOpportunity #Reflect #RealTopics #RebootMind While we all deal with problems in daily work life, opportunities like AgilityToday give us the much needed break to think and reflect. It helped me reassess the direction and approach to my journey. Thanks!
In an era of too many conferences with too little focus, Agility Today stands out as one of the few must-attend Conference. A great conference to attend for anyone working in Agile. Everyone has something to learn and share.
It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the AgilityToday 2020 conference. There were many informative and lively sessions. There was a very good mix of useful information and experience sharing on one hand, and fun on the other. The energy, enthusiasm, excitement from Deepti Jain and her team of volunteers was amazing. This was one of the best conferences that I have attended. I look forward to the next edition of this conference.
The AgilityToday Unconference was an extremely enjoyable experience to attend. I was honoured to attend the Coach Camp and 2-day unconference days which I loved! There were so many innovative ideas that made the events memorable and valuable. From the mindfulness opening session, to the great lunches, insightful sessions, musical check-in and energetic panel discussions, I was kept fully engaged in a memorable experience. I will make every effort to be back.
It was a great and unique experience. Deepti and all the organizers are very warm and make you feel extremely comfortable. Hats off to the organizing committee for a well organized event filled with lots of learnings..
I had a great time at AgilityToday 2020. The event is exceptionally well organised, logistics are spot on, the venue is superb, and the general atmosphere is full of excitement and learning. The organisers are super fun, and creative bunch of people and the event would not be the same without their smiles and morning hugs. It's a place where everyone will feel safe and can learn in different ways. I really enjoyed the creativity in shaking the traditional conference schedule and format. I think the event gather some fantastic talent from all over the world, and I had intriguing conversations with participants and speakers. I put AgilityToday as one of my first events when planning my conferences schedule and really can't wait for next year! I highly recommend it.

Previous Years Testimonies

Well organized Agility Today UnConference, provided an opportunity to network with new and old experts in a welcoming atmosphere. For me, this UnConference generated a lot of ideas about how to continue to expand my skills and professional qualifications. I liked the opportunity for interaction during the sessions. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful UnConference. I am looking forward to next year's UnConference. Keep up the fine Job!!

Anu Goyal

Senior Application Developer,IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

AgilityToday, The Most memorable event blended with in-depth knowledge & experience sharing. Panel discussions and presentations were very engaging with topics relevant to Industry trends. Such events are imperative for the companies in the current VUCA World. Immense learning experience interacting with Gurus & eminent Speakers. Thanks to the Organizers of this event and Looking forward to the next one.

Sankaran Venkataramani

Executive Director; KPMG, India

AgilityToday had a unique friendly, in fact Agile vibe, that have not witnessed in conferences anywhere, forget Delhi NCR. Space was that of open collaboration, where learning flowed, back and forth. And just in case you think that sounds chaotic, it wasn't. It was the principle of self organizing teams, that Agilists as is champion, which was at play. So AgilityToday unconf, one really got into 'spirit of Agile', and Agility was palpable in way the Servant Leaders enabled the rooms, in way Gurus interacted.All in all, AgilityToday, got one really enthused about taking Agile to ones life, and not just Organisations that we lead.

Vibhas K. Dhingra

A great experience to see such high calibre and experience. India will be a Global lead in SAFe implementations as culturally the core values of Agile are the DNA of Indian society and the passion is evident. The conference was a great success with quality speakers and advocates with congratulations to the servant leaders in doing a fantastic job.

Bobby R Mehta

CEO & President - Unitive

This is the very first unconference I attended and it was absolutely amazing in terms of diversity of topics as well as opportunities to interact with Gurus and get valuable insights from them directly. Also, it helped me expand my network and broaden my Agile skills. Thanks to all organizers and servant leaders!

Irshad Nizami

Agile Coach, HCL Tech

Level and diversity of discussions and sessions were outstanding.Splendid event, both in terms of intellectual quality and social gratification.

Nivedita daga

Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Outstanding unconference.We were informed, empowered, and entertained.I higly recommend this to all. I'm so excited about the prospects of actually applying this in reality.A very good mixture of informative and relevant practical sessions.

Jyotsna Sharma

Application Developer, IBM

I sensed this all together different energy and positivity in the environment.It was a wondefull experience as a speaker and attendee.Apart from the gurus, speakers and servant leaders, the daily drummers rocked the show. Loved It

Jisha Sharma

I have been to various Conferences in India but I have never seen an UnConference here that went on for two days, there was only an Open Space that too was for 1 - 1.5 hours. This was a very well coordinated, innovative and executed UnConference, and I take immense pride in saying that I was Sponsor of this grand event. Thanks to all those who joined and were part of it. See you all next year.

Kapil Pant

Co-Founder and Director TecVolo Labs

#Agilitytoday ,as expected gave an opportunity to learn, network and build new connects with Agile community and I am very happy that I was able to make it to attend it for both the days. Thanks for all the relentless efforts put in by team #Agilitytoday to make it a grand success. I am now eager to be part of the post conference events.


Agile Coach, V.P, BoA

It was great! The best thing for us to choose our sessions and then attend them.

Aman Sharma

Product Evangelist, Optimizory Technologies Pvt. Ltd.